Plant Information

All my plants are sold and shipped as bare root plants.
Do not be Alarmed if your roots look dried up or dead

Bare Root Plants

All my plants are sold and shipped as bare root plants. Do not be Alarmed if your roots look dried up or dead.  The roots are simply dormant and in need of water.  This is the safest way to deliver the plant to you without shock or rotting.  When you receive your plant you should pot it as soon as possible.  You can review my potting and planting recommendations listed in the Information panel located to the left under ‘Planting & Care’ and ‘Potting a Typical Cattleya Division’.

When you receive your plants you should pre-pare the appropriate potting medium and pot as soon as possible.  when you are ready to pot the plant, soak the roots for 3 or 4 minutes in water.  before you pot the plant, allow the roots to bare (15 minutes) prior to potting the plant into the medium.  Simply follow your regular watering cycle and the plant will acclimate to the new environment.  New roots will form after time and the plant will choose the best roots to use in the future.  Some roots may be abandoned by the plant.  Do not be alarmed, this is a normal process for an orchid plant.

If you receive your plants and need some time to pre-pare the pot and medium, simply prop your plants in a normal upright position in a shaded and warm area and water the plants with a mist regularly. Make sure the plant has air circulation both around the roots and the body of the plant.  Also make sure the roots and plant bare completely between watering to avoid water logging or wet rot.  Make sure the plant is never in the direct sunlight.

Below are some examples of bare root plants

For survival, the orchid plant needs to have 1 or more undamaged root.  The pictures above show plants prior to being properly trimmed and prepared for shipping.  Prior to shipping, we will trim the roots and remove all the older and unused roots on the plant.  We also prepare the plant in the same way you prepare a plant for repotting as that is basically what we are doing when we send it to you.

Once prepared, we dip the plants first into Fungicide and then allow the plant to bare completely.  1 day later we then treat the plants with insecticide to kill any insects that may be present.  Then again we allow the plant to bare for 2 days.  After we have completed that process, we inspect the plants and insure its health.  The plant is then boxed up and shipped out to you ready for its new home!

Remember that orchids will need different care techniques depending on where you live and your weather conditions.  The internet has a wealth of information to help you learn what is best for your area and species!  You can also visit your local orchid shop or where ever orchids are sold around you and find out the best ways to grow for your area.

I have been asked a number of times how to pot plants.  I have some information provided HERE