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4 IN 1 Digital Soil Moisture Meter PH Meter Temperature Sunlight Tester for Garden Farm Lawn Plant with LCD Display (Black)


Brand Name: JGZUI
Type: Other
Model Number: PH Meter Temperature
is_customized: No
Usage: Home DIY
PH Meter: PH Meter Temperature
Temperature: Digital Soil Moisture Meter
Digital: PH Meter Temperature Sunlight Tester

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4 IN 1 Digital Soil Moisture Meter PH Meter Temperature Sunlight Tester for Garden Farm Lawn Plant with LCD Display
Large LCD user screen .
Temperature Metric and English conversion function.
Insufficient power prompt function.
Power saving automatic shutdown function, 5 minutes without any operation, automatic shutdown.
Easy to operate and easy to carry.
The electronic digital display 4-in-1 soil analyzer is the latest soil rapid measuring device. It mainly tests soil acidity, alkalinity, moisture, temperature and plant light intensity. It uses a 9V carbon battery with a simple probe length of 200 mm. The instrument measures parameters through liquid crystal display(LCD). This instrument also has the function of low power indication and automatic power disconnection. It saves time and energy and efficiency. This instrument is suitable for planting flowers and grass and landscaping.
Functional characteristics:
1. Measure the intensity of the current environment.
2. Measuring soil moisture content.
3. Measure the temperature of soil. The range of temperature measurement is -9~ 50℃(16~122℉),precision 1℃/1℉
4. Measuring soil pH, PH measurement range: 4.0-9.0
Working temperature: 5℃~ 40℃
PH measurement range: 4.0-9.0
Size: 81*350*40mm/3.19*13.78*1.57″
Probe length: 200mm/7.87″
Weight: 200 g
Power supply: 9V battery (not included)
Usage method:
Please install the battery before use, remove the probe protective sleeve.
1. Illumination measurement
A. press ON button to turn on the instrument.
B. aligns the highest point light source sensor window.
C. current intensity of light will be displayed in LCD.
Note: please do not block light or create shadows for light sensors.
2. PH range measurement
A. pushes the PH/ button on the back to the location of PH.
B. inserts the probe vertically into the soil and needs to be tested as soon as possible.
C. press the ON button to start the measurement.
D. The pH value of the test will be displayed on the LCD screen.
E. measured several times to get the exact value.
Be careful:
Vertically insert the probe at the edge of the plant stem in the middle.
Please gently push into the soil to avoid damaging the probe.
If the measured soil is too dry or fertile to measure the exact PH value, the user can sprinkle some water and measure it again in half an hour.
3. Moisture measurement
A. pushes the PH/ button on the back to the temperature.
B. vertical insertion into soil as far as possible.
C. press the NO button to start the measurement.
D.The soil humidity of the test will be displayed on the LCD screen.
4. temperature measurement;
A. when the humidity is measured, the soil temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen.
B. press the (℃/℉ OFF)button to set the humidity indicator at temperature or temperature. Note: If the user does not insert the probe into the soil, it will show the exact temperature of the external space environment.
Light intensity comparison table:
PH comparison table:
Increase acidity Neutrality Increase alkalinity
Low 3.5  4.0  4.5  5.0  5.5  6.0  6.5  7.0  7.5  8.0  8.5  9.0 High
Humidity comparison table:
Packing List:
1 *4-in-1 Soil Survey Instrumen
1*Instruction Manual
Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 10.0 × 10.0 cm


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Digital Soil Moisture Meter

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PH Meter Temperature


PH Meter Temperature Sunlight Tester



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PH Meter Temperature

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